myTemply’s Privacy Principles

Personally identifiable information should not be used without a user’s permission and ongoing awareness. Fully anonymized data should be used to benefit society.

At myTemply, we strongly believe that companies have a responsibility to help society as long as they can do so without ever sacrificing privacy. We also believe that the spread of illness is one of the biggest problems the world faces, and that to stop it, we must know where and when it is starting. We founded myTemply to do just that — to use anonymous information from people, with their permission and awareness, to help them and their communities get and stay healthy.

Here is what we will never do:

  • Use GPS or Bluetooth tracking, we are NOT a Big Brother app
  • Sell personally identifiable or individual data.

While we have taken every precaution and followed every regulation regarding privacy (including adhering to HIPAA), you are in complete control of the data you share with us. Whether on iPhone or Android, our app is completely opt-in and we never share your phone location. Your location data is not shared with us at all, and our app is never tracking you big-brother style.

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